Use space and arrow keys to control each of the microgames.

The WebGL build may take some time to load on the first go.

In 2021, GDA unveiled... the Microgame Jam! We got together for 24 hours and made a bunch of small and fast games. Now we've compiled them all together into one big super-game, all made of 20+ smaller games! This version of the build also includes some games from a test run of the jam we did a few months ago. Play it now! Enjoy it! Have fun!

The Game Design & Art Collaboration (GDA) is a student-run club based out of UC Santa Cruz. To learn more and see our other games, visit

The Games, Their Creators, and How to Play Them (If you're stuck)

Bird Fishing

Hit the birds with your body!

Niko Sanchez Art Design
Enrico Widodo Programming Sound Design
Herman Wu Animator Design Programming

Chompy Dino

Avoid the floating dinosaur head!

Evan Li Programming
Megan Penland Art
Tori Moore Programming
Hannah McDonald Programming SoundFX

Dash Dash Clean

Pick up all the lint!

Andre Dion Art
Ray Nelson Programming
Kaylin Wang Art VFX
Matias Pazos Programming Background Music

Don't Drop That Dung Dung!

Pick up all the dung balls! The dung ball you roll will increase in size as you pick up more dung balls.

Neo Zhang Programmer Designer Level Design
Alexis Huang Art

Dominic Fanaris Programmer Layout Design
Travis Carlen Programmer Music


Match the drawing on the right with the one on the left! This game was from the test run of the jam.

Naman Bhushan Art Sound
Autumn Moulios Programming

Flipped Off

Eat the robot! Get big enough to eat the robot by eating smaller objects.

Nik Thomas Designer Programmer
Cameron Beattie Designer Art/3D Modeler
Joshua Augenstein Programmer SFX SFX Music


Keep the Niko ball on the center line by moving the plank! This game was from the test run of the jam.
Parmpreet Gill Design Programming
Ryoma Marta-Sugawara Design Programming
Enrico Widodo Niko Ball

Gimme Five

Keep one hand over the other! Press space when the hand is completely filled. This game was from the test run of the jam.

Tyler Knowlton Programming Art Sound Drumroll Sound

Happy Hunting

Find the character in the polaroid! Move the camera focus over the character and press space to take their picture.

Thomas Noell Designer
Jonah Ryan Art
Justin Quan Music Production

Hungry Harold

Collect all the fish and avoid the squids! You can double jump by pressing space twice.

Sean Carlyle Programmer Art Design Music Sound Effects

Jerboa's Escape

Collect all the files and make it to the portal!

Bemister Tessema Art Sound Design
Luis Garcia Programmer Design

Low Bandwidth

Navigate the maze to deliver data to one of the computer chips! You can begin traversing lanes with the arrow keys. You may switch to a new lane while traversing an existing one, also with the arrow keys.

Austin Chang Programmer
Gavin Smith Programmer
Daphne Cheng Art
Kiara Yupangco Art

Melty Melty Run Run

Avoid the sun's laser and make it to the igloo! Use the rocks to wait for the laser to move past you.

Kristopher Yu Art Design
Ethan Micheals Sound FX Music
Elijah Rossman Programming Design

Pong Juggle

Keep the pong balls in the air with your paddle for as long as possible! This game was from the test run of the jam.

Cameron Beattie Everything

Popstar Poser

Match the pose from the star on the left to the star on the right! Use the left and right arrow keys to align each limb, press space to confirm positioning. This game was from the test run of the jam.

Nik Thomas Everything


Collect all of the oxygen pick-ups, avoid crashing into walls!

Calex Raffield Programmer Designer
Harrison Scapellati 3D Modeler
Annalivia Martin-Straw Art/UI

Snake to the Future

Collect all the pick-ups, then go through the portals! This one is a little tricky to figure out a first, but here's the full walkthrough:

Collect the apple and go through the portal. Then collect the set of armor and go through the second portal. Then in the visual novel section (use the arrow keys to select choices and space to acknowledge dialogue), choose to take on the heist (instead of stealing the snake woman's wallet). Then go straight down. Once you enter the bank, steer towards the treasure chest. Then you'll win!

Dylan Mahler Programmer Music Writing
Ashley Ashkinos Art Design
Ryan Miller Programmer Design
Historic Tale Construction Kit Texture

Sniper Golf

Golf the ball into the hole without being shot by the sniper! Pressing space near the golf ball will bring up an interactive game for hitting the ball farther. Hit space when the bar is close to red to hit it harder.

Tyler Knowlton Programming Art
Ben Paulsen Programming Music Art
Naman Bhushan Programming

Speed Box

Get the white square into the blue diamond!

Damon Phan Programming
Bosca Ceoil Sound Samples
Fractal Sound Explorer Sound Samples
Lukas Eriksen Sound Samples
All The Sounds (Be Careful when Downloading...) Sound Samples

Stone Skip

Launch the rock to the farthest boat! Hit space when the bar is green to send the stone flying, and hit space again every time the rock hits the ground to send it farther. You'll know you're doing well if the rock is glowing around the edges.

Michael Sim Producer

Eli Miller Designer Programmer Composer
Avery Weibel Programmer

Angela Do Artist

Joseph Wang Programmer Sound FX

Warp Speed

Guide the ship through the gates to go faster!

David Diaz Programmer Artist SoundFX Design Music


Guide the snowball to the bully at the end! Use the up and down arrow keys to move the snowball to avoid rocks and trees.

Ryan Palmberg Art
Reuben Chavez Programmer
Rayan Hirech Programmer
Malachi Maldonado Programmer

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 3.7 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
AuthorGame Design & Art Collaboration
GenrePuzzle, Action
Made withUnity
Tags2D, 3D, Arcade, Game Design, Game Jam, microgame, Short, Singleplayer, Unity
Average sessionA few seconds


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Really good collection of small mini-games compiled in a WarioWare style. To all the developers of these games, Keep at it!