TacoCat is a sweet, fast paced game about Alex and Jamie, two online best friends, trying to meet up for the first time! Join Alex in making tacos, driving across hills, and chatting with Jamie on the path to Croakland!
But as you travel, remember to hurry! Jamie needs to leave for the airport tonight, so you don't have much time!

How to play!

Taco Making

Use the LETTER KEYS to place ingredients on the taco based on the customer’s order in the top right

Press SPACE to submit your taco

Get more ingredients right to get a better score and earn more gas, and if you combo three perfect orders in a row, you'll get an extra nitro charge you can use while driving!


Use SPACE to step on the gas, both driving your taco truck forwards and increasing gravity. Use the gas on down-slopes to build speed, and release to get air time. You can also use it to drive up hills if you get stuck. But remember to watch your gas gauge – if you run out of gas and nitro before you reach the next city, you'll get towed!

Press SHIFT to use nitro, to send the truck flying forward – you only have a few of these, so use them wisely!

Use ARROW KEYS to rotate the truck. If you do a flip, you'll get a boost when you land! But if you land upside down, you'll crash and lose all your momentum, so watch out!

TacoCat was cooked up by the students in the Game Design and Art Collaboration at the University of California, Santa Cruz

Get the Soundtrack:
Side A: (SoundCloud) (BandCamp)
Side B: (SoundCloud) (BandCamp)


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Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
AuthorsGame Design & Art Collaboration, ArcticPaint, AspenCatieArt
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Cats, Cute, Driving, Narrative, Roadtrip, Singleplayer
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


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The graphics and music were cohesive and very enjoyable. The guests are all unique, especially the goth sheep.

The car ride scene was very good, full of speed. The scene at the end when the sun was going down and the music stopped was very exciting and linked to Alex's feelings. The ending scene was great!

Thank you for a memorable and fun game!


very poggers game!


this game is amazing and very beatiful i loved this game